Sunday 2 May 2021

Caffeine, an Endurance Rider's Best Friend

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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
by Judy Houle

Ever start a ride out without caffeine? Once on the Swanton 100, my new cigarette lighter powered coffee maker refused to work, and I mounted my horse caffeine-less, and instructed him to do the driving until I woke up. He had done the ride before, luckily, so it was no problem for him.

As I approached to first stop at about 30 miles I realized that if I didn't find a form of caffeine at this stop I was going to be in big trouble due to caffeine addiction. I wouldn't just get a headache, I was in danger of getting a migraine. As if endurance riding wasn't hard enough, that kind of pain would be a deal breaker.

So I mention this to a rider who was trotting along beside me, and she said, "oh, I have just the thing for you!" and pulled out a double caffeine Powergel packet. She said, take this, it'll straighten you right out". These things are designed to hit your bloodstream in 10 minutes and give you instant energy. I downed it and literally, ten minutes later I went BING!! my head popped up, and I was a new person! They weren't kidding. So I've been using them ever since (another brand is called GU) both before, and in the latter parts of the ride to stay awake...

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