Tuesday 2 April 2024

How to Lose Friends and Irritate People at your next Endurance Ride

April 1 2024
by Tamara Baysinger

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Do you struggle with being too nice? Do people insist on thinking the best of you?

It’s your lucky day! This post offers exclusive tips for how to lose friends and irritate people at your next endurance ride.

Before the Ride

When you arrive in camp, block the main road for at least ten minutes while you get the lay of the land. Then, park in the middle of the vetting area. Start unpacking quickly so you can look extra harassed when the ride manager asks you to move.

Build a really big electric pen for your horse. This is most effective if parking is limited.

You didn’t turn that electric fence on, did you? Good, because it’s important that your horse escape at least once. When he does, you should shout and wave your arms while he gallops through camp. Bonus points if other horses break loose and join the stampede.

At the pre-ride meeting, be sure to talk loudly while the manager goes over the trail...

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